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per buildable lot*

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help us with upkeep of the building,

help contribute to bills, and

help with unexpected costs.

Fall in Florida! Time to celebrate the holidays this year and look forward to the new year.

The Civic Association is approaching the end of a terrifically productive year. There have been many events, with a wonderful turnout by neighbors - combining good times with generously donated time and money to help rebuild and upgrade the Civic Association building. Board Members, fundraisers, and neighbors are working together for the common good of the entire neighborhood. Rock Fairies continue spreading kindness and encouragement. Those with construction skills are lending their efforts. For fundraising events, local businesses provide wonderful raffle items which attract exciting bid action. and there are still good times and exciting events to come this year.

So now, let's get ready for the new year. That's right! It's time to renew your annual membership!

Renew your annual membership today! you can do it online, at the next meeting, or complete and mail in the form with your payment. 

Membership is just $30 per year.